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2022 Best Browsers for Cryptocurrency

Updated: Jun 20

Crypto trading is on the rise and nearly everyone that knows what it is will tell you it's a risky investment. We don't disagree with them—after all, the crypto market is extremely volatile. However, that's not the only risk. When you dabble in cryptocurrency, you're also prone to hacks and other security breaches. One way to mitigate this risk is by using a secure browser or downloading a crypto browser extension. Today, we're walking you through some of your best options.

What to Look for in a Good Crypto Browser

Before we share our favorites with you, we want to go over the qualities that make a browser ideal for crypto trading. These are some of the things you want to look for especially if you want to compare browsers yourself:

Built-In VPN

While you don't need to use a VPN when day trading, you're going to want one if you're going to be day trading in cryptocurrency. Hackers are always on the hunt for your information and a VPN will keep it safe from prying eyes. While you can always install a third-party VPN, a browser that comes with one built. into its systems is much more convenient.

Built-In Wallet

It's smart to keep your crypto in an offline wallet, but when you're actively trading, you're going to want a wallet that's easy to access. A browser that comes with a built-in wallet means you won't have to install one. Unfortunately, not many browsers have this feature since it's pretty new. So we recommend considering this a bonus. After all, you can always log into your wallet from the browser.

No Browsing History

If you're going to be trading cryptocurrency, you're going to want to keep track of your transactions. This means nothing gets saved. That includes the websites you visit and the extensions you use. Avoid storing these details in your browsing history so they don't get hacked later on.

Fast and Efficient

While cryptocurrency isn't known for its huge data usage, it still uses a lot of data. This means you'll want a browser that doesn't slow down when you start using it. You also want to make sure your extensions load up quickly. This is especially true if you're looking to live trade. Unlike day traders, the faster your extensions load, the faster you can get back to trading and making profit margins.

Tab Stacking

Finally, we want to look at tab stacking. A good browser will allow you to stack your tabs for easy access and will even sort them according to importance. This is a feature that most day traders rely on. If you're going to be trading from your browser, you're going to want one that has this feature.

Crypto Browsers We Recommend

Below are our favorite browsers for cryptocurrency trading in 2022:

1. Brave

Brave is one of the most unique and secure browsers in the market. It's built with privacy in mind. It's known for blocking ads and privacy-invading trackers thus earning it the reputation of being "the ad-free browser". You can also browse without installing any extensions or adding any tags to your browser. Brave was initially made available to the public in 2019. Cryptocurrency is an excellent alternative for perusing the internet, even if you don't trade it.

Advertisers can't track you with Brave Shield's built-in ad and cookie blocker. If you don't want websites to detect your device and prevent scripts, you may choose to turn this feature off. With the built-in ad blocking, it's safer and quicker than ever before. Ad-free websites tend to load faster since they don't have to load anything else. Plus, it also boasts an in-built VPN and a proprietary Brave Wallet sourced from CoinGecko that you can use for crypto transactions.

2. Tor

Before cryptocurrencies became popular, Tor was known for its anonymity and security. It does not function like a standard web browser. Instead, it routes your data via the Onion network (a collection of random nodes), making it hard to track. Tor encrypts your traffic three times throughout this process. As a consequence, no one can find out who you are or track your online actions. Your browser history and traffic cannot be used to identify you when using an anonymous exchange like Binance.

3. Mozilla Firefox

The most popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox are probably the last things on your mind if you're trying to figure out which one is ideal for trading cryptocurrencies. The first two of your assertions may hold water, but the third is a sham. Firefox is a well-known, widely used, and highly secure private browsing application. So you don't have to be concerned about accessing an unsecured exchange or wallet because it uses HTTPS All the Time! It's also possible to defend yourself from hackers with the help of NoScript. Sandboxing and anti-fingerprinting features are also included.

The Takeaway

Cryptocurrency trading is risky. Using an internet browser for trading could save you a lot of money and lead to a successful investing career. We hope this guide helps you choose the ideal one for your trading needs.


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