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Smart Grids Data Processing Analysis [Step 6]

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Smart Grid Communication system

Smart Grids must perform intelligent real-time monitoring, ensure secure power network operation and load balancing. On a two-way communication channel, information with sensor and meter readings collected from all parts of the network is collected and sent to the network manager. Advanced network functionality allows you to manage the entire system in real time. On the scale of the network are divided into 3 types

  • Regional network (Wide area network, WAN) - in this case the coverage area is the most extensive. In this topology, the control center communicates with the local networks.

  • Network Neighborhood area network (NAN) - In this architecture, the network manages the entire communication channel between the regional and home network, and all data sent over the channel on high voltage lines.

  • Home area network (Home area network, HAN) - This topology involves communication with end customers (homes, organizations). Communication between segments is done through gateways (nodes). Data from the meters are accumulated at the hubs and sent to the network operator's control room. Data on power consumption at the end point (residential building, company) are collected by electronic meters. Further on the communication channel, the meter sends the information to the home network gateway. In certain cases an electronic meter can function as a gateway.

The transmission environment and the volume of sent/received data ultimately determine the type of communication technology and network protocols on each segment of the power supply network [106]. As a rule, the most popular solutions are the use of cellular/paging networks, dedicated radio channels and data exchange via Power Transmission Lines (PTL).


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